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Wellness Wednesday . . . Daily Stretching

Wellness Wednesday . . . Daily Stretching

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday . . .

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, physical therapist, certified fitness or yoga instructor.  All my opinions are my own.  Photo Credits:  Holistic Ali


GOOD MORNING, Friends!  Just sitting here dreaming of when I can grind my coffee beans to start my morning coffee.  Everyone is snuggly sleeping while I'm dealing with a little insomnia, thanks to age and life changes!  Let's talk life changes . . .

I have always been an active person, never would I consider myself an athlete, but physically active - YES!  During my college years, twenties and thirties, I prioritized time for exercise - it was the only way I maintained my wellness and sanity with the demands of family and career.  Then, 39 hit!  God blessed us with a surprise gift and my life totally changed.  Now, I was dealing with middle school, high school and college students while raising a newborn.  And the priority of me went by the wayside.  Fast forward a few years - Little Missy is in kindergarten and I'm back to being a priority . . . I go on a major wellness journey, lose the leftover pregnancy weight, ramp up my exercise and get healthier.

After a couple of years of public school, we determined this avenue wasn't meeting our daughter's needs, explored our options and decided to begin the homeschool adventure.  Homeschooling has been great, but my fitness has once again taken a backseat to life. Then, the dreaded 5-0 happened in the fall . . . FIFTY?!  How is that possible?!  And now, here we are - we chose to make a fruit basket turnover move at the end of February.  We're in a great place, but the strain and stress of moving combined with a minor knee injury has put me in a total tailspin.  In an effort to recover from my knee injury, I discovered how stiff I had become - I'VE ALWAYS BEEN FLEXIBLE . . . Who is this person?  Finally, I stumbled upon these stretching moves to help build back my flexibility, they have been a game changer!

Wanted to share with you these moves.  These may or may not be for you, please consult your doctor first.  With a little self-discipline and some help from gravity, these gradual stretches have made a huge difference in my flexibility.  For my friends who are in their late 30's or 40's, I highly recommend finding some yoga, pilates, PiYo, Barre or your own home practice to maintain your flexibility.  Like everything, it's much easier to maintain than to rebuild.

Happy Stretching!!!


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