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Come on in and sit a while . . . Do you prefer coffee, sweet tea or lemonade? Grab your favorite drink to sip and lets get acquainted.

I love time with my girlfriends, but unfortunately, being part of the “sandwich generation” there never seems to be enough time – I invest much time in my family, but have very little time with friends or for myself; hence, a friend suggested blogging . . . So here’s my go at it!

A little about me . . . I come from a corporate background, but when God showed His sense of humor and gave us an unexpected surprise in the form of what my doctor called a “geriatric pregnancy” I left my career as a financial advisor and became a full-time Mom! YES!!! I was 38 years old, but considered a high risk, “geriatric pregnancy”. LOL!!! That’s all I could do, too – LAUGH! 1). Because we had middle & high schoolers; 2). GERIATRIC? Really?!!!! Couldn’t they think of something better to call it?!  I’m still in my 30’s!!!

Never had I dreamt of being a “stay at home mom”. For me, my identity had always been tied to my work – I couldn’t even say the words “I’m a stay-at-home Mom” so what most women find joyful was difficult for me. Fast forward a few years and here I am a “stay at home, HOMESCHOOLING Mom!” NEVER would I have ever expected to hear those words to describe me, but like I said God does have a sense of humor and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I’ve always been a creative sort – My mom has always teased me that I’m a chaotic blend of Type A mixed with a Creative which does create much chaos of sorts! My creative side is always fighting my “check the box” side. But all that being said, I’ve always enjoyed creating, whether it’s flower arrangements, pictures, paintings, building something, it’s just where I get most enjoyment. Unfortunately, with us being part of the sandwich generation, my creative side has suffered due to lack of time – no time to venture out to shoot pictures, no time to paint, etc., so a friend of mine suggested blogging. I don’t know that this will make it much further than my circle of friends, but I hope to share a little about family, travel, homeschooling and decor. I’m not a family counselor, travel agent, certified teacher or formally educated interior designer . . . I’m just a southern girl (yes, I still call anyone whose the age of my peers or younger a “girl!) who desires to encourage others in their journey through this marvelous adventure called “life” and in the midst, share something with which I’ve experimented, learned or even loved! I hope you won’t judge by this first post, I promise not to be so wordy next time. I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to hearing from you.

Please share with me a little about you . . . In these technology days, we’ve gotten away from sitting & chatting now its all emailing and texting, which saddens me, but on the flip side, it excites me because I can get acquainted with someone across all the oceans! See ya’ll later . . .

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