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My Friday Five: “Spring Loving Your Home” Days

My Friday Five: “Spring Loving Your Home” Days

One weekend when my college daughter was home, she noticed my Mrs. Meyers on the kitchen counter and got all excited thinking I had met “The Grove” as she lovingly titled it.  Being that her brother was finishing at Ole Miss and our favorite spot there is “The Grove” . . . Anything with the name Grove in it, adopts the title “The Grove”.  To her disappointment, yet excitement, I had not met Grove Collaborative, but she was about to introduce me.

Have YOU met the Grove Collaborative?

In our area, spring attempted to make an early arrival; therefore, the bug for filling every open vase or container with fresh, brightly colored flowers and adorning furniture with light, airy throws infected me in February!  But first . . . Spring Cleaning!  My children always hate when I get in this mood.  The daughter I was referring to earlier once said “I hate when Mom gets in the super cleaning mood and I am NOT”, but to be perfectly honest, when are our children EVER in that mood?  Maybe yours are different?  Fortunately, our home faces east, but unfortunately, when the morning sun reveals itself through our windows, I am reminded that “squiggy” and me need to rekindle our relationship.  Because I’m a little vertically challenged, our windows are somewhat daunting and tough for me – but we do it and though no one but me notices, they sparkle when I’m done!  So we’ve had a couple of low dips in the temperatures, but next week is looking promising!

Now with temperatures rising and Easter a week away, “Spring Loving Our Home” is in full swing!  So I wanted to share a few favorite tips and products I NOW get through Grove Collaborative . . .

Tip #1

Go ahead and clean everything off your surfaces . . . Yes, I do this when I dust, but places like our kitchen desk and bathroom counters tend to catch those little items that over time grow into a sea of frustrating clutter for me.  So, clean everything off . . . Even the items that belong, then give a few mistings of Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner and wipe!  Super easy . . . And your home will smell absolutely beautiful!

Tip #2

A little a day, goes a long way . . . If your family is like ours, there’s never enough time in the day.  What has worked for me is I choose one major chore a day . . . I.e. Mondays – Vacuum and Mop, Tuesdays – Dust, Wednesdays – Change sheets, Thursdays – Floors again (indoor dogs – never enough vacuuming and mopping), Friday & Saturdays – Bathrooms.  Find what works for you and break it up!  No one ever wants to spend their whole weekend cleaning.  I keep all my supplies in a caddy so I can grab and go!

Tip #3

Love yourself while loving your home . . . I always try to lather on my favorite lotion, lately its been Grove Collaborative’s Bergamot Orange Hand Cream, and arm up with a pair of cleaning gloves.  As I’ve gotten older, winter has been much more brutal on my skin – it’s a constant battle with my hands.  Despite all my efforts, my hands are always dry.  Any chance I have to treat them, I embrace it!

Tip #4

Enhance your home with sweet aromas . . . Anytime aromas are mentioned, I think of the Old Testament and the presence of incense in the tabernacle, then the birth of Jesus and the gift of frankincense presented by the Magi.  My children tease that I have the nose of a bloodhound, which is partially true or maybe it’s just a “Momma Nose”, but I ABSOLUTELY abhor bad odors, especially in our home.  Two of my favorite spring scents are sandalwood and lemongrass, both bring a fresh scent of clean.  Most times you come to my home, you’ll find a diffuser with essential oils and/or candles working collectively to provide a pleasing aroma.  The Grove Collaborative has a fabulous collection of soy candles for your home.

Tip #5

Let there be music . . . I don’t know about you, but music unlocks my spirit!  One of my favorite playlists on my smartphone is titled “Bare Feet” and it’s just that – my favorite summer time songs for playing on the beach, biking, or just dancing around the house.  Find some music that inspires you and clean on!

It’s quite funny, but our girls get excited when they get those great monthly boxes with cosmetics or workout gear even doggie treats, but with me, it’s my Grove box!  This month, I didn’t take the time to review my order, so it was like a little gift waiting to be opened and much to my surprise, there was a fresh, new towel for my kitchen!

Right now, if you’re new to Grove Collaborative and sign-up, you’ll receive a free four piece gift set with a $20 purchase . . . For me, it was worth divorcing more of the toxic chemicals and replacing them with natural products!

I hope your spring is off to a great start!  Now, love on your home!!!

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