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SOCIAL GRACES: The Art of Saying “Thank You!”

SOCIAL GRACES:  The Art of Saying “Thank You!”

My littlest just finished up writing thank you notes to friends and family for birthday presents and monetary gifts. OHHHHH the lamenting over having to write those notes, “even to the people she saw and thanked in person” and if you’re one of those people, please don’t be offended! (Sometimes you just have to chuckle when you have such dramatic children.) Anyways . . . It made me wonder how has the art of expressing gratitude become such a painstaking ordeal?

American Stationery’ Nottingham Notes
Silhouette Blue

Growing up in the south, so many socials graces and rules of etiquette were just understood. It wasn’t that they were specifically taught, but rather just lived out in the every day life. Someone brought a meal – send a thank you note! Someone sent you flowers for your birthday or maybe even to say “thank you” – send a thank you note! Someone set aside time in the midst of their busy day to talk over matters of life – SEND A THANK YOU NOTE! Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology, the art of saying thank you is quickly becoming an impersonal email or even worse, text message.

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As the “thank you note” is a dying grace, so is the beautiful art of cursive. Whether homeschooling or not, both of these graces are well worth the time to teach your children. A beautifully written note will definitely set you apart in this day of instant messaging and casual communication . . . There’s nothing more enjoyable to receive in the mail than a thoughtful card from a special person.

Wishing you a Marvelous Monday!!!


American Stationery “Nottingham Notes” | Silhouette Blue

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