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Fruit Basket Turnover Move

Fruit Basket Turnover Move

So . . . we did a thing!  (That’s the only way to express our fruit basket turnover move!). Within  three weeks, we put a verbal offer on a lake house, closed, painted and moved . . . WOW!  I’m exhausted just saying all of that.  And now, my entire home style has changed from a spacious, traditional, brick, classic, casual style to rustic, lodge, lakeside with NO STORAGE!  I invite you to walk along this journey with me . . . shopping my old home for decor and storage items and decorating our news spaces while creating organized, storage spaces for our family’s endless amount of “stuff”!  

For some time, we’ve been unsuccessfully searching for a large tract of land to build our “forever home”, but despite our endless efforts, we have not found anything that was still commutable for my husband to his office and the airport.  One of our daughters found this home just before Christmas . . . it’s located on a lake where we had a weekend cottage during their childhood, so it’s quite sentimental to them.  With the amounts of stress my husband handles on a regular basis, this move, for me, was strictly for his health and wellness - a place of respite and relaxation.  I can live anywhere if my loves are there with me!  (And I must say - going to sleep gazing at the stars and waking to a sunrise over the lake is pretty sweet!!!)

My first room to tackle . . . the KITCHEN!  Coming from a home with a spacious kitchen, breakfast room and dining room plus a considerably large, laundry room just around the corner from the kitchen fitted with cabinets, closet and numerous amounts of shelves to a smaller kitchen & breakfast nook with an equal amount of cabinets, but with only a small closet built to be used for a stackable washer/dryer which I’m converting to a pantry - this will be quite a feat, but I’m up for the challenge.  

Here we go . . .

Spice Cabinet - Bonus #1 . . . much larger spice cabinet!  


Step #1. . .Measure, Measure, Measure

Measure the width and depth of your cabinets (many kitchen cabinets can be adjusted for height; therefore, it isn’t as critical.

If you are reorganizing, take everything out of your cabinet - in my case, we were taking out  of one cabinet and placing in to a new cabinet.  Then, order your spices - (I like to separate my spices by individual spices and blends) and assemble them in some semblance of the container, organizer, or shelf you will be using.

YES! You see that important food group - lollipops!


Step #2 . . . WISH LIST!!!

Determine what products you will use to organize your spices, then create a shopping/wish list.  Honestly, my favorite go to is The Container Store . . . they seem to always have the product to meet the organizational need.  

We’ve moved to a rural area, so I usually have The Container Store shipped (which is probably better for my budget!). LOL!

The Container Store Wish List




Step #3 . . . Now the fun!  Organizing spaces always makes me happy, not to mention when I go back to them to search for something!!!  

I am the Sticky Note (Post-It Note) Queen . . . Anytime I'm organizing something, I use color coding and Post-It Notes for flexibility.

You’ve got all of your organizational products . . . Now the fun begins!  Let’s organize everything in your cabinet.  

Following is my simple yet effective organizational strategy:

Bottom Shelf - I placed my individual spices on the left side and the spice blends on the right side.  (For the spice displays, I used (2) large iDesign Linus Spice Racks from the The Container Store.) 

Middle shelf - oils and other cooking essentials (For the Lazy Susans, I purchased (2) The Home Edit 9" Lazy Susans from The Container Store.)

Top shelf - my daughter's baking essentials on the left side and other limited use baking/cooking essentials on the right side.  (For the top shelf bins, I used (2) iDesign Linus Large Pantry Bins from The Container Store.)

(** Click on the italics for links to the specific products!)

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