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COMFORT | Do you Bamboo?

COMFORT | Do you Bamboo?

Do you bamboo?

A couple of years ago, we gave one of our boys a guided fly fishing adventure for his birthday.  Fortunately, he asked me to tag along with he and his friend, so I just made a weekend of it.  Lodging in the quaint mountain town of Cashiers, NC, it is a haven for interior design and fine dining.  Not to mention . . . a fabulous angler's shop - Brookings Anglers.  Before leaving for our excursion, my son introduced me to bamboo clothing . . . if only I could remember one of his unique expressions he used to describe the comfort and feel of bamboo, you would get the full vibe of these clothes.

Fast forward a couple of years, we now reside in a lake lodge style home and our life has become much more casual. And now, I believe I have at least five pairs of bamboo lounging/pajama pants, a robe and a couple of night shirts.  Since having boys, I've always slept in shorts or pants, especially during their teen and older years . . . you just never know when someone is going to accidentally set off the alarm in the middle of the night. HA!  . . . Speaking of - that reminds me!  This particular trip, during the middle of the night, someone set off the hotel fire alarm and I had to head outside at 2am.  I was so thankful to already be dressed.

For those of you who deal with sleeping hot, bamboo is like wearing nothing.  Ironically, my husband and I swap body temps at night.  It's the craziest thing, but I'm usually the one who is cold and he's hot; although, at night, I get warmer and he's cooler.  I still sleep in a cap sleeved night shirt and bamboo pants.  Even better, they are so cool and comfortable, I tend to lounge in them on those slower, relaxing mornings.  They are not clingy nor are they transparent, so they are appropriate even if that unexpected neighbor drops by the house.

Wanted to share a $20 off offer with you . . . give them a try!  You will not be disappointed . . . You'll thank me for it!

LINK TO YALA:  http://yala.refr.cc/annbertschin

(Follow the link and it will give you a coupon code!)

And speaking of comfort . . . let me share with you my favorite sleep bra!  Like the bamboo, this bra is like wearing nothing at all, but you're prepared for those middle of the night alarms!  HAHA!

LINK TO TRUE AND CO.:  https://trueandco.com/product/bras/wireless/true-body-lift-scoop-neck-bra/dulce

Sorry I don't have any coupons, but you'll thank me after you try them!

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