A little bit about home and leisure



I’m Ann . . . The all-things-home enthusiast and world wanderer currently residing outside a sprawling southern town in Georgia with my man and five fabulous young people + a son-in-love and two perfect grandchildren (YES!  I do think they are perfect . . . Maybe perfectly rotten, but perfect!). On those cold (40 degree & below) days, I enjoy “coffee clinks” at the local coffee shop with my girlfriends . . . But in the sultry summer heat, it’s sweet tea & lemonade on the porch.  My true loves are making our house a home and wandering through God’s beautiful creation.  A home to me is a respite from the world where you know you are loved, comfortable to relax and can enjoy the company of friends & family . . . It is filled with beautiful memories of the past and inspiration to conquer the future.

Like in fashion, I embrace many different styles . . . One day I’m excited about things that are bright and colorful accentuated with sparkle & shimmer; then, on another occasion, it’s all things earthy with natural & rustic pieces to compliment the look.  I hope you will find some simple, yet inspiring ways for infusing your own personal style into your home; stress relieving & life freeing organizational tips & tricks; menu planning to embrace the rich, southern pallet with a few healthy modifications.

Finally, as with all my friends, I’m interested in what’s going on in your world . . . I would love to hear from you - what you’re loving on right now, your challenges for the days to come and anything we could discuss over a glass of sweet tea!  Write to me at ann@magnoliahouse.net.