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I LOVE music!  I love for music to be playing in our home constantly and it’s always an eclectic mix . . . one day it’s the Rat Pack, the next could be the country cowboys and then other days it might be the works of Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.  Fortunately, our youngest daughter has my appreciation for music and goes with my flow!  

One song that brings in the Christmas season for me is A Few of My Favorite Things – I have always adored The Sound of Music, so naturally, I treasure the musical compilations from the musical.  In the sense of this cheerful song, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas decoration things!

RIBBONS, RIBBONS, RIBBONS . . . in the midst of all my Christmas decor, you will find a mixture of coordinating ribbons woven throughout my garland, tree, wreaths and table scapes. Ribbon is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any decor. If you are a ribbons lover like myself, put July 5th on your calendar – that’s when Hobby Lobby and other craft stores begin selling Christmas ribbon, then shortly thereafter, you will notice they will begin including it on their sale items.  

CANDLES . . . Real and battery operated.  The flicker of candles adds the softness and warmth of Christmas to any room.  Since finding exterior lanterns for our front entrance, I have become a fan of the battery operated candles.  They even have timers for turning them on and off.  

IRIDESCENT GLITTER (have you ever typed a word and it just didn’t look right? That is iridescent for me! Still doesn’t look right! LOL!) . . . Add the look of snow kisses to any winter/holiday display with a sprinkling of iridescent glitter

FLORAL WIRE . . . for arranging flowers, decking the tree, hanging garland, floral wire is the hero.  I use floral wire for so many solutions.  Grab a roll at your local craft store in the floral department.

COMMAND HOOKS (are a must!) . . . from displaying decorative wall hangings to securing stockings “by the chimney with care” to hanging garland over the doorways – 3M Command Hooks for the win!  I inventory and stock these every fall leading up to Christmas.  

Shop in your own home, be creative and have fun decorating!

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